Need Drums For Your Project?

Rely on our team for amazing drum beats

It's no secret that fantastic audio tracks are usually accompanied by equally fantastic drum sounds and grooves. However, not everyone has access to a reliable and experienced drummer. Fortunately, Dirty Pop Drum Loops has got you covered with our ready-to-use drum loops, samples and fills. We have 25+ years of reputable experience creating beats, and our drum samples have increased the quality of music production projects worldwide.

Take your project to the next level with our team's help today.

Our drum samples can help any musician

No matter what type of musician you are, you can benefit from our drum samples. Our team builds loops for every genre, meaning we have something for every project.

Check out our samples if you're:

A musician

A producer

A recording engineer

An original artist

Don't produce drums but need them for your project? No problem. Connect with us to access our huge body of drum samples.

We're recording engineers' new best friend

If you're a recording engineer but looking to cut cost with drum samples, then Dirty Pop Drum Loops is about to become your new best friend. Our samples are the perfect tool for you because:

  • They reduce production costs
  • They're a quality replacement or setup
  • They make it easier to complete projects

Transform your project when you tap into your drum sample inventory today.